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Welcome To Wooster Hockey



Welcome to Wooster Youth Hockey Association: House/ Recreation                                             

Our Mission Statement: To introduce youth of our area to the great game of ice hockey, such that every child, through their participation in the program, can enjoy a positive, character building sports experience while creating a passion for the game. Emphasis will always be placed upon individual skill development, personal development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The individual conduct of WYHA directors, coaches, players, and parents will be maintained to ensure a positive culture in which all can honor the sport, and exemplify an organization in which to be proud of. Above all else, “IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE KIDS”  





WYHA Board


Jay Robinson






Gary Rader


(248) 255-7746

Stephanie Bull



Troy Wilcox



Eric Robinson



Hockey Committee


Bryan Smith

Hockey Director



Disciplinary Committee


Jay Robinson




Fundraising Committee


Stephanie Bull




Team Contact


Mite Coach


Mite Manager


Squirt Coach


Squirt Manager


Peewee Coach


Peewee Manager



(Dues are based on 21-22 season)


Birth Year

Hockey Level

USAHockey Registration

Total Dues

Registration Deposit

Payment 1 Sept

Payment 2 Oct

Payment 3 Nov


Mite (U8)








Squirt (U10)








PeeWee (U12)








Bantum (U14)









Registration/Sign Up

Step One: 
Registration for USA Hockey is open April 1st 2022- March 31st 2023 for the 22/23 season. Please register your athlete on their website, fees are listed above.

Step Two:
Pre-register/ sign up for Fall evaluations for the 22/23 season with the Hockey Director, Bryan Smith. Please include Players name-Birth year- Parents name- Phone number and -Email Address 

Step Three:
Register and pay for WYHA membership.  Registration for WYHA can be found on our website at  

Step Four:
Show up for evaluations in August for team placement and jersey orders. 



We use SportsEngine App to communicate, please download this asap. We need an email address to add you to this method of communication. There is a way for multiple people to be added for each athlete, questions can be directed to your team manager or to Troy Wilcox. Fundraising is also done through an app called signupgenius, please download this app as well.
We use SportsEngine App to communicate, please download this asap. 

Uniforms/ Equipment

Uniforms will be available at evaluations to try on and will need to be ordered. Price is roughly $180.00 this will include:   

     Home Jersey: Gray  Home Socks: Gray

     Away Jersey: Blue    Away Socks: Blue 

$90.00 will need to be paid per player at time of ordering and the remaining balance is due at delivery. 

PeeWee and Bantam also will need to order a shell, this will be an additional cost.

Equipment can be found at Perani’s Hockey World, or You can also find it used at Play it Again Sports.  Feel free to reach out to your coach, manager, or the hockey director with questions. Players will need:

Skates           Elbow pads         Shin pads       Helmet     Gloves     Stick                  Hockey pants             Shoulder pads    Jock/ Jill            



Every year there are extras offered, feel free to purchase these at your will, they are not necessary but a lot of the organization has them. They are an extra cost TBD at the time they are offered. Be on the lookout for:

Warm Ups $80-$180 (depending on brand) 

3rd Jersey options $45-$65

AK Sweatshirt Orders $45-$75


Tournaments are a great time for the kids to bond and build a team relationship. There are late night and early morning games. A lot of the tournaments are “Stay to Play” which means staying at a predetermined hotel is a must. We highly encourage you to join in on the fun, however we understand if you cannot make a tournament, this is something to discuss with your team manager and coach. Tournaments are not included in Dues and will be an extra cost.  Each tournament has an entry fee, hotel fees, and travel costs to consider. Typically you can expect one Tournament for the entirety of our organization to attend, and your coach may look for one or two more tournaments in addition. Including all fees, hotels, and other costs, most tournament weekends start around $300.00 and go up from there. 


We offer several fundraising opportunities for both the general fund and individuals dues. Sign up for these will be sent out by either the fundraising committee, your team’s manager, or the WYHA board members. Our organization relies heavily on volunteers and we ask that you sign up for a general fundraiser to help keep dues and other costs down for all of our members.


Committees/ Coaching

Do you want to give back or be more involved in the hockey lifestyle? We have many ways to do so. We have a welcoming committee, a fundraising committee, a disciplinary committee, and a hockey committee,if you are interested in participating in any committee, please reach out to a committee member or a board member to get more information on when each committee meets. If interested in coaching, you must first fill out an application to be reviewed by the Hockey Director, to be considered for the position. All coaching positions are volunteer only, but require hours of commitment on and off the ice.


Board Meetings

We invite and encourage you to join a board meeting. You can meet our trustees, voice concerns, or give praise where it is due. Meeting dates are on our website and reminders are sent out via email and sportsengine each month. If interested in becoming a board member, elections will be this summer. Nominations must be in prior to the June Board meeting and the election will be held in July. For more information contact Jay Robinson.